The Listener’s Corner

You know what, the GunDudes get to do all the talking. The show isn’t really about them, it’s about you, the loyal listeners!

But the only words you get in edgewise are an occasional email read on the air (if you’re lucky) where one of the Dudes butchers your name or can’t pronounce your city.

It’s not right.

So from today on I’m introducing a website exclusive called “The Listener’s Corner” to give you, the listener, the opportunity to share your voice!

Our¬†inaugural participant? His name is Jim. He enjoys long walks on the beach and reading Larry Correia by candlelight… okay, maybe not, but he sent us these awesome audio clips that you’ve got to hear!

The Koski

The Koski (mp3)

Top GunDudes

Top GunDudes (mp3)

Written by Joe Levi



Where do I find your .mp3 download for your 11/9/12 show? I couldn’t find last weeks either.


We didn’t have a show on 11/9/12, just an article we posted on the website, so no .mp3 to download.

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