SX3 Episode 02: Supressors, Trusts, and Bunnies

Topics: Supressors, Trusts, & Bunnies

  • This week Carl and Stan, Mark Houskeeper of Magholder, Jessica, Karen, and Stephanie get together to talk about suppressors then the conversation transitions to trust’s and bunnies.

Awesome quotes from this episode™

  • “If I were carrying a spare magazine right now, it would be a Magholder — SCHWING!”
  • “We could build an 1911 AR! Oh! That’s awesome!”
  • “I’m feeling vulnerable, Carl. Hold me.”
  • “[Carl] was even tired last night – at lunch.”
  • “I’m ‘exalted status’ on one [airline in particular].”

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What we did with guns this week™

  • The girls went bunny hunting.
  • Carl tried to take someone shooting, but got snowed in.
  • Joe the Web Guy got a load of firewood.

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Written by Joe Levi