SX3 Episode 01: Old Voices For a New Show and Our Christmas Wish Lists

Topics: Old Voices For a New Show and Our Christmas Wish Lists

  • This week the Carl and Stan of the GunDudes and Jason of Concealment Solutions join forces with Stephanie Staheli of SX3 — it’s about dang time!

Awesome quotes from this episode™

  • “We don’t go off-topic. Ever.”
  • “That explains why Carl is wearing a man-diaper.”
  • “We would laugh at Stan (because he was always so tired on the show), now I get it.
  • “There’s plenty of cushion for the pushin’!”
  • “You’re a naughty target! Spank it!”
  • “What’s ‘Dan Wesson’ code for?”
  • “That goes straight to my hips.”

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What we did with guns this week™

  • Stephanie is working on her new store and range in Payson, Utah and has been taking her kids shooting
  • Jason is working on a lot of holsters
  • Carl got a “promotion” and now lives in a big, brown UPS tractor truck. He also bought his wife a gun and is working on getting the right holster for her
  • Stan shot a match… his first one since 2011?!
  • Joe the Web Guy moved to his new “compound” in Cache County, Utah and has lost over 50-pounds – so far

Self-Defense in the News™

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  4. Take someone shooting!

Written by Joe Levi