GunDudes Episode 282: Interviews from Shot Show 2014

Topic: Interviews from shot show 2014

  • This week we quickly got together to talk about what we did in guns this week and we play a couple of Nicks Interviews from shot show 2014 with Bench Made, Liberty Ammunition, and Sport Ear.

Awesome quotes from this episode

  • “It’s so early… should we get some coffee or somesing?”
  • “I’m listening to you on the radio.” (click)
  • “Holy crap! 299 Days, it’s happening now!”
  • “I don’t like your kind. I wonder what you taste like.”
  • “I don’t have the Stan, white-man afro … to pad my head.”
  • “… who happens to be lead-free, cuz’ we ain’t tree-huggers!”
  • “It’s like Kenny knows the industry or something.”

What we did with guns this week

  • Mark Housekeeper put a new fiber optic front sight from Gemini Customs on his SP101, and is finally caught up with the influx of shipments from Shot Show 2014. He also met a bunch of famous pro-gun folks there.
  • Kenny bought a pair of Glock 42s, but only one of those is his.
  • Nick met with the Freedom Agenda reps in Seattle and had dinner with Glen Tate. He also heated up to counter the Bloomberg agenda that’s dumping tons of money into anti-gun legislation up there.
  • Stan is sporting a very Russian-from-the-Saint moustache, and is going on a shooting date with his wife.
  • Carl feels like this week has been like playing a country song backwards. His XDS came back. He purchased a new gun, got 5 boxes of 550-rounds of .22LR in trade for an AR lower, is wearing an ankle holster, and he’s actually going out on a date with his wife!
  • Joe (already a Precinct Chair and County Delegate) got appointed to his county’s Republican Party Ethics Committee, then elected to Chair it; then was appointed as the Legislative District Vice Chair. Talk about “getting involved”! Joe also spotted a wall full of MagHolders at his local gun store: Red Dot.

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  4. GunFacts.Info: a woman is approximately 10 times more likely to be raped when she doesn’t have a gun, according to a Department of Justice study. What other Gun Facts is the media hiding from you?
  5. Because Carl carries a 1911 he has to carry extra mags. Right now he’s carrying 3 extras thanks to the wonder of MagHolder. Now every Sportsman’s Warehouse is carrying them — so everyone go flashmob their local Sportsman’s Warehouse and buy up every one as fast as you can!
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  9. Liberty Ammunition: type happy2014 to get something off your order, if you order before the end of January 2013.
  10. Massad Ayoob Group: GunDudes will be hosting yet another MAG40 class, September 10th through 14th, 2014.
  11. Crusader Weaponry: Proud makers of Slipstream, the super-lubricant which soaks into your gun —  now available from!
  12. Utah Gun Exchange

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Guns in the News

  1. Carl (no, not our Carl) sent in a story from Boston where two masked-men broke into a home. One was shot and killed by the homeowner. The other was later apprehended by police. Unfortunately, the homeowner was taken into custody while the police check out the validity of his firearms license… Yes, folks, in Boston if two masked men break into your house and try to rob you, YOU, the victim, get arrested when you defend yourself and your family. Way to go Boston. 🙁

Misfire Award™

  • Sent in by Jessica of Mag40 fame: a man who tried to rob somebody with a fake gun is in the hospital after he was shot by his intended victim.

Emails & Other Stuff

  1. Wyatt wrote in about pistol lowers for AR-Pistols.
  2. Brice wrote in with an article he saw on a forum: local government thinks it’s acceptable to re-interpret city code to fit the narrative: here’s the Ares Armor article.
  3. Mark wrote in about Smith & Wesson and Ruger bailing out of California due to their draconian rules on micro-stamping.
  4. Anthony (he’s no “Gary Ree”) wrote in asking about rifle training.

Calls to Action

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  2. Donate to the NRA-ILA
  3. Join SAF and GOA
  4. Join your local pro-gun organization, in Utah that’s Utah Sports Shooting Council
  6. Call the national Senate switchboard and voice your opinion at +1-202-224-3121 or use the Ruger website to email your legislators
  7. Tell all your friends about and listen to some of the other pro-gun podcasts
  8. And, when was the last time you took someone shooting?

Written by Joe Levi