President Obama doesn’t have a problem with showing photo ID to vote (video)

Okay, so it’s not very “gun” related, but I think this story is very interesting…

President Obama decided to vote early. He’s reportedly the first POTUS in history to do so. That’s what you’re going to hear in the media.

Here’s something you’re probably not going to hear in the media: The poll worker asked to see Mr. Obama’s photo ID! Did he complain? No. Did he mention anything about requiring ID somehow disenfranchising voters? No. He reached into his wallet, pulled out “what looked like a driver’s license” and showed it to the poll worker, joking with her to “ignore the gray hair on his head that’s not in the picture.

So, there you go: President Obama himself is just fine with having to show photo ID before being able to cast a vote.

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Written by Joe Levi