Join the Counter-Boycott! Support Amazon March 1st, 2018!

The Leftists have called for a boycott of Amazon because of their relationship with the National Rifle Association. Let’s counter that boycott by buying something through Amazon on March 1st, 2018! Here are a few items you might want to pick up tomorrow. If you don’t find something in our list, make sure you buy… Read more »

SX3 Episode36: Bolt-Action AR-10

This week we are joined by Richard Hamilton from Uintah Precision to talk about his bolt-action addition to the AR-10 platform.

SX3 Episode35: Is Steph Going Into Labor?!

We thought Steph was having her baby during this episode, so Graham and Carl got together for an update on what’s happening in the SX3 world.

SX3 Episode 34: Did we get to meet Chuck Norris?

We hosted a shooting event at Maverik’s Truck Norris giveaway. It was very successful and… did we, or did we not get to meet Chuck Norris? Listen to find out!

SX3 Episode 33: Computer Crashes and Talking to People (unedited)

Computer crashes have caused delays but we managed to salvage this unedited episode about taking people shooting.

SX3 Episode 32: CZs and Squirrels

This episode was supposed to be about CZ’s, but we got off topic throughout the whole episode. Too many squirrels.

SX3 Episode 31: Everyday Carry

Today we’re doing another prepper episode so we decided to talk about our everyday carry – EDC.

SX3 Episode 30: Fun Gun Talk

Fun gun talk with Graham, Gene, Steph, and a very special guest… listen to find out!

SX3 Episode 29: Get Home Bags

This week we continue our prepper series by talking about Get Home Bags.

SX3 Episode 28: Just the Girls

Sorry boys (or maybe we should say, you’re welcome!), this is an all girls episode. Men, encourage the women in your life to join a local all women’s shooting club in their area. Listen as to why.

  • Gun Dudes Radio Podcast

    GunDudes Episode 5

    Guns in the News: Concealed carry holder defends life in broad daylight during a construction purchase gone bad Texas school district allows concealed weapons for teachers and faculty Topics: Soft strikes on the AR-15 and other rifles Our opinions on holsters for concealed carry

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    Posted on August 16, 2008 by
  • Gun Dudes Radio Podcast

    GunDudes Episode 4

    Guns in the News: Gun sales on the rise Gun crime on the decline Topics: We talk about cataloging your guns in the case of emergencies. Also we talk a little about re-loading.

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    Posted on August 9, 2008 by
  • Gun Dudes Radio Podcast

    GunDudes Episode 3

    Guns in the news: Doctors want more regulations on guns because they are the “number 1 killer in the US” of kids. It turns out doctor’s mistakes are the #1 cause of death in youth. Topics: Our topics are guns and scouting, with former BSA scout district executive, Kelly. Also, finding out if you are… Read more »

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    Posted on August 2, 2008 by
  • Gun Dudes Radio Podcast

    GunDudes Episode 2

    Guns in the News: Mayor Miller wants to shut down all shooting ranges because sport shooting “contributes to crime”. Concealed carry being considered in National Parks. Topics: Sighting in a rifle Tom apologizes to those whom he has offended

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    Posted on August 2, 2008 by
  • podcast

    GunDudes Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

    Who are the GunDudes? The GunDudes are Carl, Tommy, and Stan. Three normal guys who like guns, and want to share their hobby with you. The pilot episode was done before we knew how to edit, so we did the whole thing in one take. Sponsors Ft. Knox Safes: If you want the best gun… Read more »

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    Posted on August 1, 2008 by
  • Gun Dudes

    Donate to the GunDudes

    Hey guys, if you want to donate to the GunDudes to help cover the costs of the show, here’s how you can do that. No obligations, of course… but if you don’t and we end up quitting like Shhhhhelton, we’re going to blame it on you.  

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    Posted on July 4, 2008 by