SX3 Episode 27: Bring on the A Team

This week Team A (Stan, Carl, Graham, and Mark Houskeeper), get together to talk about what they’ve been doing with guns.

SX3 Episode 26: A Day at the Range

Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about a day on the range, starting with range bag dump out.

SX3 Episode 25: Lessons from Women’s Hunting Camp

This week Connie Brooks of Barnes Bullets fame returns to talk about some of the things she learned at women’s hunting camp, most notably, confidence.

SX3 Episode24: Custom AR-15s

This week Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about how they got into building custom AR-15’s as well as their own personal AR’s.

SX3 Episode 23: Dog Valley long range match

This week we have Stan back to report on the Dog Valley long range match.

SX3 Episode 20: Jackrabbit Hunting

Stephanie finally got a micro-cast out. This week it’s just the girls as they are jackrabbit hunting. (Please forgive the road noise in the background the first 5 minutes until they get to their “secret” hunting spot.)

SX3 Episode22: The .22 Caliber Round

Since this is episode 22 we are talking about the .22 caliber round.

SX3 Episode 21: Gun choices for preppers

This episode is a continuation of our prepper episodes so we decided to talk about our choices for prepper guns.

SX3 Episode 19: Why you need your own gunsmith

This week we are joined by local gunsmith Gene Tessier as we talk about working on guns and why you need your own gunsmith.

SX3 Episode 18: Gun Trusts

This week we interview Attorney Jim Alder from the Alder Law Group about gun trusts.

  • GunDudes

    Into the sunset

    By now you’ve probably heard that the GunDudes recorded what may very well be their last episode.   So, to address the rumors and conjecture, it’s true. After over 340 episodes (the Dudes’ lost count on more than one occasion) and about seven years, the GunDudes are “retiring” from the podcasting scene. There will probably be… Read more »

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    Posted on July 15, 2015 by
  • flashback

    GunDudes Episode 340: Flashback

    Topic: Flashback This week it’s a GunDudes’ flashback as we remember prior episodes. A GunDudes Nature Show (Stanicus Faticus): Awesome quotes from this episode “I think we should call this ‘Episode 1000’, just so we can say we made it to 1000!” “I’m slow, because I’m new.” “Someone came and put his unit in our… Read more »

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    Posted on July 13, 2015 by
  • MAG80

    GunDudes Episode 339: MAG80

    Topic: MAG80 Tom and the “trailing arm Smiths” talk about their MAG80 experience day by day. We even talk about trips to the ER. Awesome quotes from this episode “He’s like Carl, if Carl didn’t let himself go.” “I’ve had my fill of Disneyland. Where Disneyland comes with a sore wrist.” “And sweaty, old men.”… Read more »

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    Posted on June 16, 2015 by
  • GunDudes Episode 338: When to carry a gun

    Topic: When to carry a gun This week Carl is joined by Nick and Kenny as they talk about when to carry a gun. Awesome quotes from this episode “Can I wear a velour jumpsuit?” “Yes you can.” “Travis is ‘Debbie Downer’, but he’s really a great shooter!” “I’m very aroused.” (Ew.) “Carl, you’re dressing up… Read more »

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    Posted on May 25, 2015 by
  • holster

    GunDudes Episode 337: Holster Options

    Topic: Holster Options This week we talk about multiple holsters for the same gun with Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions Holsters and Mark Houskeeper of MagHolder. Awesome quotes from this episode “Mmmmm… weenies.” “You guys don’t have a cat, so we can’t do a CAT Scan.” “I’m kinda square.” “You’re a dwarf! Welcome to the clan!”… Read more »

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    Posted on May 17, 2015 by
  • Ben Stoeger

    GunDudes Episode 336: Ben Stoeger Class

    Topic: Ben Stoeger Class This week we are officially back to talk with Steve Koski about his recent Ben Stoeger class. Awesome quotes from this episode “Is this show still on the air?” “I’m cheap, so I like to make every shot count.” “Somebody needs to take Travis’ fingers, and break them!” “Not when all… Read more »

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  • GunDudes Episode 335: Microcast

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  • GunDudes Episode 334: Microcast

    Topic: Microcast Tom and Steve Koski saved us and put together a microcast. Awesome quotes from this episode “You need a ‘facility’!” “You need a hose to open up some of those flaps.” “The muzzle can’t be pointed at your thighs.” “It’s very hard to get the gun to be rigid and point straight up.”… Read more »

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    Posted on April 20, 2015 by
  • backwards round

    GunDudes Episode 333: Grand Power Xcaliber

    Topic: Grand Power Xcaliber This week we are just hanging out talking about what we’ve been doing with guns. The eventually we give a short review of the Grand Power Xcaliber. Nick managed to feed a round backwards! The bullet ejected then fell back in reverse, then got perfectly stuck. Awesome quotes from this episode “I needed… Read more »

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    Posted on March 23, 2015 by