SX3 Episode 27: Bring on the A Team

This week Team A (Stan, Carl, Graham, and Mark Houskeeper), get together to talk about what they’ve been doing with guns.

SX3 Episode 26: A Day at the Range

Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about a day on the range, starting with range bag dump out.

SX3 Episode 25: Lessons from Women’s Hunting Camp

This week Connie Brooks of Barnes Bullets fame returns to talk about some of the things she learned at women’s hunting camp, most notably, confidence.

SX3 Episode24: Custom AR-15s

This week Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about how they got into building custom AR-15’s as well as their own personal AR’s.

SX3 Episode 23: Dog Valley long range match

This week we have Stan back to report on the Dog Valley long range match.

SX3 Episode 20: Jackrabbit Hunting

Stephanie finally got a micro-cast out. This week it’s just the girls as they are jackrabbit hunting. (Please forgive the road noise in the background the first 5 minutes until they get to their “secret” hunting spot.)

SX3 Episode22: The .22 Caliber Round

Since this is episode 22 we are talking about the .22 caliber round.

SX3 Episode 21: Gun choices for preppers

This episode is a continuation of our prepper episodes so we decided to talk about our choices for prepper guns.

SX3 Episode 19: Why you need your own gunsmith

This week we are joined by local gunsmith Gene Tessier as we talk about working on guns and why you need your own gunsmith.

SX3 Episode 18: Gun Trusts

This week we interview Attorney Jim Alder from the Alder Law Group about gun trusts.