GunDudes Episode 339: MAG80

Topic: MAG80

  • Tom and the “trailing arm Smiths” talk about their MAG80 experience day by day. We even talk about trips to the ER.

Awesome quotes from this episode

  • “He’s like Carl, if Carl didn’t let himself go.”
  • “I’ve had my fill of Disneyland. Where Disneyland comes with a sore wrist.” “And sweaty, old men.”
  • “He parked his blue ox out in the parking lot.”
  • “The Internet’s going to hate me now, Tom.”
  • “She looked like a jacked up Barbie.” “Drunk Malibu Barbie!”
  • “I got some morphine, too.” “And how do you feel about morphine?”

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What we did with guns this week™

  • Tommy went to MAG80 and learned a bunch of stuff in preparation for his MAG80 course in Utah this September (2015).
  • Joe the Web Guy™ just got back from vacation to “Kal-ee-forn-ee-yah!”. He carried his Glock and MagHolder all through Utah and most of the way through Arizona (he’s got an Arizona CFP, you know), but in Arizona, if there’s a sign posted that says “no guns”, that’s the law (unlike in Utah where it’s just a “suggestion”). He had to unload and stow his sidearm all the while that he was in The People’s Republic of California though… leaving him only with his Tactical Pen for self-defense. Luckily, he didn’t need to use it.

And now, the news!™

  • None this episode. We’ll try for one in the next episode.

Misfire Award™

  • None this episode. We’ll try for one in the next episode.

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Written by Joe Levi