Into the sunset

By now you’ve probably heard that the GunDudes recorded what may very well be their last episode.


So, to address the rumors and conjecture, it’s true. After over 340 episodes (the Dudes’ lost count on more than one occasion) and about seven years, the GunDudes are “retiring” from the podcasting scene. There will probably be some reunion shows down the road, but for the time being, but they’re not making any promises.

Thank you, every one of you, for being part of the show, part of the adventure, and part of our lives.

This isn’t “goodbye”, it’s just turning the page into a new chapter.

What now?

  1. Listen to the Gun Rights Network! The GunDudes Radio Podcast is a member of the Gun Rights Network, a group of podcasters who advocate the lawful ownership and use of firearms. There are a lot of good shows over there that will keep you informed, educated, and entertained.
  2. Listen to Tom’s PARAcast
  3. Are you a Sitting Duck? Joe the Web Guy™ has been running a website called Sitting Duck Policy that talks about various places with policies that make you a “sitting duck” by restricting the lawful carry of defensive weapons, and has a section devoted to Good Guys with Guns™ – Good guys (and gals) who have foiled a crime or saved a life thanks to their training and the presence of their sidearm.
  4. Wouldn’t you like to be a prepper, too? One of the threads we’ve run through almost all of our shows has been “prepping” – preparing to respond to situations and circumstances that others might not want to think about. We highlighted a website called Suburban Prepping on the show a few times, we’d recommend that you give it a look and add it to your bookmarks.

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Written by Joe Levi

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