GunDudes Episode 337: Holster Options

Topic: Holster Options

  • This week we talk about multiple holsters for the same gun with Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions Holsters and Mark Houskeeper of MagHolder.

Awesome quotes from this episode

  • “Mmmmm… weenies.”
  • “You guys don’t have a cat, so we can’t do a CAT Scan.”
  • “I’m kinda square.” “You’re a dwarf! Welcome to the clan!”
  • “You don’t mess with a guy named Brock.”
  • “It’s like you’re wandering off into a snow field!”
  • “He’s the world’s most handsome entrepreneur. He’s built like a Viking.”
  • “The wife says I can’t bring (my holster) to bed anymore.” “How about SHE can’t come to bed anymore!”
  • “I’m an idea man, Stan! … He ruins everything!”
  • “You can’t even wipe your butt left-handed!”
  • “Is it because of me? It is, isn’t it.”

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What we did with guns this week™

  • Carl and Stan are ordering some handguards for a .308 rifle.
  • Jason has been doing a lot of dry fire drills.
  • Mark hasn’t done a lot with guns – other than carrying them all the time, including some non-permissive locations.
  • Joe the Web Guy™ has spent countless hours prepping for, participating in, and wrapping up the Davis County Organizing Convention – oh, he did all that while wearing his Concealment Solutions holster and MagHolder. He also got two new beehives and set them up – all while packing heat! AND Joe got his very own NFA Gun Trust from ABC Utah Law.

And now, the news!

A teenaged Colorado home invader is dead after he broke into several homes, and finally broke into a home with armed home owners who responded with appropriate force – one single shot. The career criminal didn’t survive.

Misfire Award(tm)

  1. A suspect accused of trespassing, when making his appearance before the court, greeted the judge by saying “Good morning, a-hole!”
  2. A Florida woman was recently caught breast feeding her child, while driving her car, drunk, with her other children in the car.
  3. Stan recently saw a Utah woman driving down the road, apparently steering with her knees, while reading sheet music and – wait for it – playing the flute. She was somehow able to stay in her lane.

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Written by Joe Levi