GunDudes Episode 310: Gun Concealment Furniture

Topic: Gun Concealment Furniture

Awesome quotes from this episode

  • “Stan missed episode 308.”
  • “An old Hadron Collider?” “Stem cells and God-particles. Nice.”
  • “We need to make like a fetus, and head on out of this conversation.”
  • “There’s almost nothing that you can’t accomplish with a Dremel Tool.”
  • “She’s got those beady little eyes!”
  • “My daughters are like magpies: they’ll walk away with anything shiny.”
  • “I’ve been watching a lot of Bob Ross recently.”
  • “Are there show notes?!” “Only if Joe does them.” (Which I have.)

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What we did with guns this week™

  • Mark Houskeeper went shooting with a “scientist Marine” from New York – and “forced” him to open carry afterwards.
  • Stan did some work on his rifles – and bored Carl to sleep.
  • Carl did some reloading – and bored us with a bunch of boring stuff that we thought was boring.
  • Joe the Web Guy™ open carried while taking his family to Farr’s Ice Cream and got asked “excuse me, sir, why do you carry a weapon?” by a nice young mother. He replied “my family is very important to me, I want to be able to protect them if need be”. He also got his first harvest of honey from his hive! No, it’s not gun related, but prepper-related!

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And Now the News™!

  1. Rich M. sent in a story about two men who broke into a home, assaulted two women, and struck an 11-year old child on the head. The commotion woke the homeowner, who obtained his gun, engaged the intruders, and caused them to flee. One was later found dead on the scene. The homeowner is not expected to be charged (good!).

Misfire Award™ – GunDudes for Gun Safety™ edition

  1. In Sacramento, California, a 34-year old man was arrested after he allegedly fired a handgun. He was showing his friends his gun, and hadn’t checked to ensure it was unloaded. The round in the chamber was reportedly discharged, the police were called, and an arrest was made. Don’t be that guy: triple-check your guns to make sure they’re unloaded.

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Written by Joe Levi