GunDudes Episode 241: Interview with Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series

“I was just thinking about Mr. Belvedere. Things just pop into my head.”

“It’s like squeezing a frog. What? You haven’t done that?”

“Oh! This might interest Tom, because it’s weird!”

We almost didn’t get this one out because of technical problems, but we were able to get back in touch with the author of the 299 Days series, Glen Tate, to talk about Book 5.  Which introduces the untouchable trio +1 (that’s us)!

What we did with guns this week

  1. Mark Housekeeper’s father had a birthday and “came into  possession of” a brand new Rossi Model 92 .357, an excellent little carbine. Of course they went shooting with it.
  2. Tommy ordered his LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target
    and a Laserlyte Laser Trainer 9mm Cartridge for his gazillion 9mm pistols that he owns. He took his kids shooting.
  3. Joe the Web Guy has been hounding Senator’s Hatch and Lee about the UN “Weapons Ban” Treaty. FINALLY Senator Lee joined the team and as the 34th co-sponsor of a resolution opposing the Treaty, essentially blocking the ratification of said Treaty.


  1. Ft. Knox Gun Safes: You can’t eat this!
  2. Massad Ayoob Group: Have you signed up for the GunDudes’ MAG40 class yet?! 3-ish spaces left! (That’s tres in Spanish, or San in Chinese!)
  3. Tec Shield Elite: The official cleaner of the GunDudes Radio Network. It’s great. It’s great. It’s great stuff.
  4. “Now puma free!” XD & XD(m) MagHolders are now poppin’ outta the molds! There are a bunch of others
  5. Uprising USACrusader Weaponry: Training, custom weapons, and so much more! Great quality products with “baked-in” Slipstream permanent lubricant (it’s not really “baked-in”, that’s why we used quotation marks — it’s actually better than that).
  6. Lone Wolf Distributors: Do anything to your Glock that you could possibly imagine. Glock barrels, cut barrels, ejectors, extractors, laser etched stuff, all you could want and more!
  7. Concealment Solutions Holsters: The most comfortable holsters that you’ve ever worn. Try them. We think you’ll like them.
  8. CRKT Knives
  9. Beacon Brass
  10. Arms of America
  11. GunDudes Android App: Listen to our show on your Android, and support Joe the Web Guy in the process!
  12. Good Guys with Guns™: Tired of all the stories about bad guys using guns in the news? Joe the Web Guy has an app that shares True Stories of Self-Defense™! Don’t have an Android? Check out the website:

Guns in the News

  1. Three gunmen tried (and failed) to rob a retired police officer.
  2. “Steve R.” sent in a story from Kansas, where a 60-year-old homeowner shot an intruder — in the foot.

Misfire award

  1. Brent sent in a story about a drunk Detroit, Michigan man who rode his — wait for it — lawn mower to the store.


Emails & Other Stuff

  1. Mike sent us an email, thanking us for a bunch of stuff and telling us how he’s been practicing more thanks to our suggestions.
  2. Rick wrote in about a promising campaign in Tucson, Arizona to provide women in high-crime areas shotguns!
  3. Gray sent in an email about the 4 basic rules of firearms, and rifle golf?!
  4. Marc wrote in about Dothan, a county in Alabama, or New Texas, or something.
  5. Mike wrote in about how he was denied entrance into Disney Land because he had his 2-inch Kershaw knife — and they followed him out to the street and watched as he went back to the hotel and deposit his knife there… then searched him again when he came back to get into the park.
  6. Duane in Oklahoma sent in an email about thanking us for the suggestion to document your training, and how he’s going to burn every episode of the GunDudes to CD — which will mean we’ll have 12 new listeners!

Calls to Action

  1. Sign up for our MAG40 class — in Utah, September 11th, 2013
  2. Call the national Senate switchboard and voice your opinion at +1-202-224-3121
  3. Use the Ruger website to email your legislators
  4. Join the NRA — Even Carl is an NRA Life Member! Are you?
  5. If you’re already an NRA member, donate to the NRA-ILA or sign up a family member or friend
  6. After you’ve joined the NRA and donated to the NRA-ILA, join SAF and GoA
  7. Join your local pro-gun organization, in Utah that’s Utah Sports Shooting Council
  8. Tell all your friends about
  9. Take someone shooting — start them on a .22
  10. Listen to some of the other pro-gun podcasts

Stuff we mentioned

Written by Joe Levi

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