GunDudes Episode 230: SHOT Show 2013

We wrap up the 2013 Shot Show with this hour long “micro-cast”. We start off talking about the things that stood out to Carl while at Shot, then we end with about 9 other interviews that were done while there.

What we did with guns this week

  1. Carl, Tommy, Travis, and Joe the Web Guy went to the Utah State Capital and attended the Pro-Gun Rally. According to various news sources, there were over 3,000 people at the Utah location alone. Joe even ran into his attorney there!


  • Ruger has the new LC .380 (7+1) — “New York Legal”!
  • Glock announced their Model 30S, the 4th Generation version of the sub-compact Model 30. It’s essentially a Glock 36 slide on the Glock 30 Slim-Frame. 10+1 rounds of .45 ACP.
  • The cost of lead is going up, pretty much doubling in cost. That’s going to impact you reloaders out there — and people who buy ammunition, too!
  • Stan talked about Aero Precision.
  • If you want an AR-10, call Joseph Chetwood at Crusader Weaponry today!
  • Carl talks about the Winchester Super Magnum round.
  • Carl mentions Dan Chinnock who does ivory 1911 grips — from, get this, woolly mammoth. No, really!
  • We interview a LOT of people at SHOT Show 2013.

Written by Joe Levi



I spoke with Ken Jorgenson (sp?) of Ruger at the Dallas Safari Club and he said the reason for the LC380 is that it is in response to people, particularly women having a hard time cycling the slide on the LCP. The LC9 is supposed to be easier to manipulate I couldn’t tell a lot of difference between the two.

As an aside, I think that Carl secretly hates the 1911 but doesn’t want to admit it. My reasoning is that If he thinks that the trigger reset of an M&P isn’t very good and is weak, then it only makes sense that he doesn’t like the weak reset of the 1911 trigger that isn’t very good either. Well, at least Tom got a good deal on an M&P. ;D

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