GunDudes Episode 226

We didn’t have an episode last week. Stan had a loss in his family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family in their time of need.

This week we do some catching up from missing last week by talking about current events. We cover the Connecticut shooting and end by talking about the NRA.

What we did with guns

  • Steve was in California all week, so he just had his blue gun to do his dry-fire practices. He also met some online friends in real life. He and Travis shot a handgun match and used “phone scoring” — which is awesome!
  • Tommy got to work all week with his wife — and their marriage survived.
  • Carl has been visiting gun shows and doing some reloading.
  • Joe got to meet Mark Housekeeper of He also bought some 12-ga. for his “new to him” shotgun.


  1. Ft. Knox Gun Safes: When you move the door, does it squeak? No. It does not squeak.
  2. Concealment Solutions: Jason’s been working 70 to 80 hours per week. Why? Because he loves you!
  3. Lone Wolf Dist.: Any possible thing you could want for your Glock.
  4. Crusader Weaponry: Makers of fine rifles.
  5. a super handy way to carry your spare magazine — horizontally!
  6. Beacon Brass
  7. Arms of America

Guns in the News

  1. Jason R. sent in a story from Georgia: Home invasion suspect killed in gunfight.
  2. Marie sent in a story from Houston, Texas: Armed home invader shot and killed by homeowner.

Misfire Award

Gary sent in an email asking for Kelly to introduce the Misfire Aware with biscuits and gravy…

  • Crystal sent in a story about New York Village trying to control the deer population with … contraceptive darts?!


  • We talk to about the tragedy in Newtown, Conniticut and the mall shooting that was reportedly stopped by a regular person with a concealed firearm permit in Oregon.
  • Larry Correia’s Opinion on Gun Control article.
  • NRA’s press conference:


  1. Andrew wrote in from Canada  with round recommendations.
  2. Dwayne wrote in about his rounds key-holing and thinks it’s his primers not seating correctly.
  3. Matt wrote in with his list for Stan-ta Claus.
  4. Josh in Michigan wrote in with his list for Stan-ta Claus.
  5. Stewart in Utah wrote in about the GSSF coupon!
  6. John wrote in about the Chief of Police in his jurisdiction who wants to arm teachers.
  7. Several listeners wrote in about pulling all the gun classifieds from their site.
  8. Shawn wants to know about concealing large guns.
  9. Marc wants us to look up “I am a sheep dog” on “the Facebook”.

Memorable Quotes

  • “We had a death in the family… Stan is gone… wait, that didn’t come out right.” — Carl
  • “We did everything by the book!” — Tommy
  • “If this (delivery) van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!” — Steve
  • “Obama’s president for a second term, nothin’ makes sense!” — Tommy
  • “Me love you short time.” — Steve
  • “Wait a minute! I’m small and weak!” — Tommy
  • “No! You don’t put it on the horns!” — Carl
  • “Why is it on the mouth? Mom said kissing is how it starts!” — Tommy
  • “She makes me tingle.” — Carl
  • “Me too.” — Stan
  • “If you’re not a member of the NRA, turn it off. I’m done with ya!” — Tommy

Stuff we mentioned

  1. Gwen Stafani
  2. Wynnona — Wynnona Judd or Wynonna Ryder?

Calls to action

  1. Join the NRA. Do it now. If you’re already a member, sign someone else up!
  2. Donate to the NRA-ILA — they’re the people that keep the politicians from running wild with laws
  3. Take someone shooting
  4. Check out the other shows on the Gun Rights Radio Network
  5. Tell a friend about GunDudes
  6. Go and “Like” us on Facebook

Written by Joe Levi


Aaron Mills

You guys have the wrong attitude. You speak as though you would allow the government to take your guns? This is not an option on my table, and I am not sure why you talk as though it is one on yours?

Also, all the preaching for the NRA gets old. There are a LOT better organizations to give your money to in every state in this country than the NRA.

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