GunDudes Episode 225: Stan-ta Claus

On this week’s show, Steve Koski joins us again to talk about what we want Stan-ta Claus to bring us this year.

Stuff we did with guns this week

  1. Steve has been getting back into some dry fire practice. A little training at home.
  2. Tommy lost a magazine… then found it again.
  3. Stan tested his AR-10.
  4. Carl did some looking for guns on classifieds.

Guns in the News

  1. Asian World Market owner recalls scaring off robbery suspect with a gun.
  2. Texas burglar calls 9-1-1 — but the homeowner makes a lot of mistakes in the process of holding the bad guy for the police. We’ll tell you how you could make better choices.

Misfire award

  1. Richard J. sent in a story about a toy gun falling apart during a robbery.


  1. Ft. Knox Gun Safes: The best safes in the industry.
  2. Concealment Solutions: The best chin-beard on any holster maker around.
  3. Crusader Weaponry: Get an AR-10 Stanbow while you can, it’s on the ban list.
  4. Lone Wolf Distributors: Everything you need to upgrade your Glock.
  5. Horizontal mag holders
  6. Beacon Brass
  7. GunDudes the Android app


  • What do we want from Stan-ta Claus this year.

Stuff we saw on Facebook

  • Ted Nugent was quoted as saying “If guns kill people, all mine are defective.”

Memorable quotes from this episode

  1. Speaking of dead hookers… – Stan
  2. No, that’s me that gets whipped. – Tommy
  3. Someone broke into his truck and stole his Mickey Mouse pillow case. – Steve
  4. Wait, wait, wait a second! What does this have to do with guns? – Carl
  5. Mark treats me like a fella should. – Carl
  6. I’m approaching Stan’s age and his mental capacity. — Steve

Calls to action

  1. Join the NRA.
  2. Take someone shooting — for free… supply the ammo and everything!
  3. Listen to the other shows on the Gun Rights Radio Network.
  4. Listen to some other pro-gun podcasts.

Stuff we mentioned in the podcast

Written by Joe Levi