GunDudes Episode 224: Interview with Kyle Hill

This week we interview Kyle Hill from Full Spectrum Tactical about long-distance shooting and some of the training he has received and is offering.

What we did with guns this week

  1. Carl sorted a lot of brass and he went hunting with Mark Housekeeper and did some “hawking”.
  2. Travis bought a Glock — instead of an XD. He also ordered a Sidewinder holster from Concealment solutions in OD Green, and he ordered some Dillon parts so he can start reloading in 9mm and 3000 “extreme bullets”.

Guns in the news

  1. Ryan sent in a story: “Woman pulls gun on man who exposed himself”.
  2. Dave M. sent in this story: “81-year-old Detroit homeowner shoots at intruder and scares him off”

Misfire Award

  • Mark A. sent in a story as a regular “self-defense” story, but Carl thinks it’s better here: “AutoZone employee fired after taking action against ‘Fake Beard Bandit'”.
  • When the bandit came into the store brandishing a firearm, an Auto Zone employee   (Devon McClean) ran to his vehicle, retrieved his sidearm, and ordered the armed robber to drop his weapon.
  • The store manager reportedly thanked Devon for saving his life, but the employee was fired two days later for violating AutoZone’s “zero-tolerance policy” against employees having weapons in the store.
  • If you want to send a message to AutoZone, we have instructions on how to do that in our “Calls to Action” section below.


  • We were lucky to have Kyle Hill of Full Spectrum Tactical talk with us about pistol training and all the training that he and his company are offering.


  1. Brian from Michigan writes in: He got an 8-point white-tail at 160-yards. He recommends you take your carry guns cayote huntin’ since they’ll often run right past you.
  2. Another Brian wants to know who will be attending Shot Shot this year.
  3. Jim Heffelginfer writes in about bacon shaving cream.
  4. Mark A. writes in: “Just wanted you to know that your constant safety tips and Ft Knox commercials have had an impact. As a loooooooonnnnnngggggg time listener (every episode, I don’t know why), I felt it was very important to bring safety to the hunter image I shot for Walmart. That is one of the main reasons the gun safe is so large in this image. Sorry it wasn’t a Ft Knox. The rest of the creative crew was not very familiar with the gun culture, so I explained that protecting your family and keeping your guns safe was a crucial element for anyone who is a responsible gun owner. Keep up the good work.
  5. Kyle Williams writes in about Next Level Training course available… two words: Shot Show.
  6. Dave wrote in about some graffitti where someone sprayed the f-word on the cement… no, really… “F-word” is what they painted.


  1. Ft. Knox Gun Safes: Only the best parts — so you get only the best safe. You. Can’t. Burn. This.
  2. Concealment Solutions: If you need a holster for Christmas, call Jason Christensen! If you order $100 or more you get a free T-Shirt (limited time only).
  3. Lone Wolf Dist.: If you get anything, get a barrel… or a GunDudes backplate.
  4. Crusader Weaponry: I love that slipstream.
  5. Horizontal magazine holders, you say? Yes. 1911 available now, Glock coming soon. And mention “GunDudes” to get a little something-something.
  6. Beacon Brass: Brass mined from the finest mines in Moria.
  7. Arms of America: Parts for AK-47s, AK-74s, and more.

Calls to Action

  1. Write to Auto Zone and tell them you heard about how they fired an Devon McClean, an employee in York County, Virginia for coming to the defense of himself and his manager. Here’s a sample message you can use: “I just learned about the heroic actions of one of your employees, Devon McClean, who used his sidearm to protect himself, his manager, and your customers from an armed robbery in Virginia. How did you thank him for his bravery? You fired him. Apparently you feel employees should be unable to defend themselves from criminals while on the job. This makes your establishments targets since criminals now know that they won’t meet any resistance from AutoZone employees. Unfortunately, this also makes my family and I less safe when doing business with you. As such I cannot shop at AutoZone again until and unless you change your policy and offer this brave gentleman his job back — with an apology. You have plenty of competition who don’t like violent murderous thieves, so I do not have to spend my hard earned money at a company that does.” Send your message here:
  2. Join the NRA
  3. Take someone shooting
  4. Check out the other shows on the Gun Rights Radio Network
  5. Tell a friend about GunDudes
  6. Go and “Like” us on Facebook

Notable quotes

  1. Nobody cares if the red shirt doesn’t show up. — Travis
  2. I was a professional cook — at one point. –Stan
  3. Griffendor! Slytherin! 9mm! .45! — Carl
  4. It’s a mutt… but smart like Scooby Doo. — Carl
  5. He calls it a “hoe”? That’s not very nice. — Travis
  6. Unicorn blood can do whatever. — Carl
  7. I’ve been in a couple gun fights. They’re exciting. – Kyle
  8. Merry Christmas. And we said “Chrismas” not “holidays”. Suck it. – Carl
  9. Nothin’ says Christmas like brass! – Stan

Stuff we mentioned

Written by Joe Levi