GunDudes Episode 223: The real episode 223

This week we get to visit again with Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series. We get to hear a little about the books as well as how many books are out and how many to come.

What did we do with guns this week

  1. Carl is recovering and is doing much better now, and has been reloading a bunch. Carl won a couple knives at the Glock shoot.
  2. Stan reloaded a bunch, too, and hopes to go shooting the “Stanbow” this week. Stan also was given a knife at the Glock shoot — out of pity.
  3. Tommy has been loading 5.56, and putting them in a baggie next to his magazines. He also predicts Obama will be elected to a 3rd term. He also won $75 from Glock and spent it quickly on some night-sights for his Sig.
  4. And Joe the Web Guy added a bunch of videos from MAG40 to the website. Is he “Joe Chetwood”? No. “Joe of the Levi”? “Joe of the Levites?” Perhaps.


  1. Ft. Knox Safes: Get the best safe in the industry. “You cannot burn this.”
  2. Concealment Solutions Holsters: It’s Sidewinder weather!
  3. Crusader Weaponry: Get some guns, get some training, get some Slip Stream!
  4. Lone Wolf Dist: Anything you might possibly want for your Glock.
  5. Beacon Brass: Love them, love their brass. Only the finest.
  6. CRKT Knives: Holiday deals, underway now!
  7. Arms of America

Guns in the News

  1. A 62-year-old Everett, WA man shoots at a burglar in his garage.
  2. A Louisiana homeowner shoots at three armed would-be robbers.

Misfire award

  1. Man convicted of breaking into hotel room with pillow case over his head.


  1. Interview with Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series.
  2. Glen has a 10-book series. So far he’s released books 1-4, and two new books will be released every 3-months.
  4. The books take a Prepper stance, and describe how you can prepare for some kind of problem: being out of work, massive inflation, power outages, hurricanes, earthquakes, social unrest, and more.
  5. If you’re interested in more information on Prepping you can visit The Survival Podcast and Forums (Joe the Web Guy even has a website at
  6. You can find Glen Tate‘s book on Amazon.
  7. Check out the official website

Calls to Action

  1. Join the NRA
  2. Check out the USCCA
  3. Check out the other shows on the Gun Rights Radio Network
  4. Check out some other shows, like The Survival Podcast, Candian Reload Radio, and others
  5. Take someone shooting

Stuff we referenced

  1. Red Dawn (2012)

Written by Joe Levi

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Gun Dudes interview (Episode 223)

[…] was really glad they interviewed me.  (This was my second interview on their podcast, actually).  Here is the latest interview.  My interview starts at 18:46, but it’s worth your time to listen to the whole hour-long […]

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