GunDudes Episode 222: The Saga Continues

“Welcome to eEisode 222 of your weekly GunDudes radio show…” “podcast…” “oh…” “you did it wrong…” “fire me.”

President Obama was re-elected, so you’re stuck with the GunDudes for another four years.

What we did with guns this week

  1. Jason broke in his slip-streamed AR, a Sig M400.
  2. Mark did some hunting… with his falcon.
  3. Carl didn’t go shooting because “a blizzard came in”.


  1. Ft. Knox Safes: If you’re worried about safety, get a safe. If you’re going to get a safe get the best one in the industry!
  2. Concealment Solutions: They’re sweet lookin’!
  3. Crusader Weaponry: You can find training anywhere, but to find a really good teacher give Crusader Weaponry a call.
  4. Lone Wolf Distributors: They’ll take care of you. Get your spare Glock parts: they should be part of your Zombie Kit.
  5. Beacon Brass
  6. Arms of America
  7. CRKT Knives

Guns in the News

  1. A 69 year-old Modesto, California homeowner shoots intruders in the arm and in the buttocks with his .38-caliber handgun.
  2. A 35 year-old Taos, New Mexico woman shoots and killed a man who followed her home, forced his way inside, and told her to take off her clothes at knife-point.

Misfire Award

  • Joe in New York (who has been without power due to Hurricane Sandy) sent in a story about Mayor Bloomberg turning away the National Guard — because they carry guns. “The only people we want carrying guns are New York City Police officers.”


  • Pocket pistols: why on earth would you want a small, under-powered gun?!
  • BUG guns?! That stands for “back up gun”, they’re not for swatting flies or smacking mosquitoes.
  • If you carry a gun in your pocket you NEED to clean it. It gets filthy! Even if it’s in a holster, you NEED to clean it.


  • Marc sent in a picture of choking a unicorn.
  • Oscar(?) thanked us for the show and bought his first handgun in March (an XD9) and just bought his first AR-15, an M&P.

Action Items

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein, in a meeting with the BATFE on Halloween Day, voiced her intent to begin drafting a new “Assault Weapon’s Ban”.
  • President Obama, just hours after the election, moved to reopen negotiations on the U.N.’s Small Arms treaty.
  • If you’re not a member of the NRA, go join right now.
  • If you’re already a member of the NRA, go sign up three people. Buy an associate or gift membership for three people.
  • We need to TRIPLE the size of the NRA now. 12 million people are harder to ignore than 3 million.
  • Take someone shooting.

Memorable quotes in this episode

  1. “He mentioned that he was bringing snacks, so that’s why I’m here.” – Jason
  2. “That was apparently a transgendered hawk.” – Mark
  3. “I am just geekin’ out! I know a guy who trained with the guy who owned Lady Hawke.” – Carl
  4. “Movies just lie to us!” – Carl
  5. “It would be cool to turn into a chick: Michelle Pfeiffer.” – Carl
  6. “I can’t get into a car yet.” – Carl
  7. “Kinda like a fat guy peeling an orange.” – Jason
  8. “Who else can we piss off?” – Mark
  9. “Just getting dressed one-handed is hard.” – Carl
  10. “Well I know you struggled with that before the injury.” – Jason
  11. “If I’m upgraded from ‘red shirt’ status to a full-fledged ‘GunDude’ will I not have to come here as often?” – Jason
  12. “What is on your thigh!?” – Carl
  13. “I like cheese.” – Jason
  14. “All bets are off with cargo pants.” – Mark
  15. “I do not have gigantic hands like some of the other GunDudes have.” – Mark
  16. “Oh gosh! You can’t even use those two in the same sentence!” – Mark
  17. “If you are carrying a gun in your pocket it should be in a holster and nothing else in that pocket.” – Jason
  18. “There’s another segment?!” – Mark (or was it Jason?)
  19. “Did you just say ‘whip your ferret out of your pocket’?!” – Jason

Movies and stuff we referenced in this episode

  1.  Multiple references to falconry and transgender birds.
  2. “A bandoleer like Chewbacca”
  3. “A utility belt like Batman.”
  4. “It will look like you have a George Costanza wallet in your pocket.”

  5. “I still look at you as the beastmaster now.”
  6. “On that ’70’s show she was the read-head’s Mom.”

Written by Joe Levi