GunDudes Episode 221

We started this four years ago, after Obama was elected… Vote him out and we’ll quit. We promise.

What we did with guns this week

  • Stan went huntin’ (with pictures to prove it! We’ll get to that later in the article…)
  • Carl cleaned his 1911 — well, he had someone clean it for him.
  • Carl showed a relative the holsters from Concealment Solutions… instant convert!
  • Tommy went to an IDPA match.

Guns in the news

  1. JPR9, Reid, and John sent an article about a bank employee who  pulled his own weapon on a masked bank-robber. The robber had to walk past a “concealed weapons are permitted inside” sign.
  2. Moses sent in an article about a Birmingham, Alabama woman who shot an armed burglar — who was trying to rob her with an air rifle and a keyhole saw.

Misfire award

  • Eric sent in a story about a guy who attacked someone at gunpoint, lost his gun in the struggle… then returned to the scene of the crime to ask the victim for his gun back.



  • This week we get Stan’s report from his latest hunting trip.
  • Here’s photographic proof… including the alleged “cougar tracks”:


  1. Daniel writes in, wondering why we never quote the movie Escanaba in Da Moonlight. We’ll look into that for you.
  2. Kevin writes in about a sling that he bought, and has some suggestions about lever guns in a pistol cartridge.
  3. Marc (“with a c”) writes in asking about Steve Koski taking the “high-road”. At that level they can smack-talk as much as they want.
  4. Russ writes in about his first handgun, a Glock, and wonders if he can use CCI “snake loads” through the stock barrel. Yes, but only when you’re using them when you’re on snake country. Don’t use them for your personal defense rounds or daily county.
  5. Noah (the greatest fan in the world) writes in about his thoughts on knives. Carry what you can afford, just carry one! “You can’t burn Noah!” Actually we checked, and you can actually burn Noah. But please don’t!

Calls to action

  • Join the NRA: Right now is the time. This is the place for it. There are so many people who are pushing for “gun control” (prohibitions). They don’t like people having guns
  • VOTE! Get every gun-owner you know to get out and vote for Obama. If you’re a Democrat and just can’t stomach voting for Romney — just stay home. 😉
  • Take someone hunting — especially a young guy!
  • Take someone shooting
  • Visit our sponsors
  • Write to us

Quotes from the episode

  • “The dynamic ‘three-o’.” – Stan
  • “Apparently I can’t be unsupervized.” – Carl
  • “I’ve got my fleece on.” – Stan
  • “You know what Jason was doing? He was in a bee meeting! Buzz buzz!” – Tommy
  • “I’m just using you for your body right now… mostly your arms.” – Carl
  • “He’s completely coherent guys, that’s just stupidity!” – Tommy
  • “He robbed a bank, he menaced my employees, and I don’t allow that.” – Bank Manager
  • “Why do we even listen to this show, Stan?!” – Tommy
  • “You’re gunna give me cauliflower-ear like Carl!” – Stan
  • “If you’re going to vote Obama, just stay home.” – Tommy
  • “And then it’s just pandalerium!” – Carl
  • “We’re producers of mediocre entertainment.” – Carl

Stuff we referenced

Written by Joe Levi

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