GunDudes Episode 220

What we did with guns this week

  1. Carl can’t remember anything from this week… because of the drugs… that he’s been on because of his shoulder surgery.
  2. Jason shot an IDPA match.
  3. Mark was able to get to an indoor range and get some lead pushed down-range.


  1. Ft. Knox Safes: EMP? Who cares? Ask Ft. Knox about their EMP-Proof Safes… tell ’em Carl sent ya! “You cannot immolate this.”
  2. Concealment Solutions: They look really, pretty sweet.
  3. Crusader Weaponry: I actually have a rifle getting the permanent Slip Stream treatment right now!
  4. Lone Wolf Dist.: Zac Carlson will take care of you. Ask them about the new “Tinder Woof”… you can burn that?
  5. Arms of America
  6. Beacon Brass

Guns in the news

  1. Robert sent in a story about a 64-year old woman from Florida who defended herself from a 26-year-old male (and registered sex offender) who broke into her window and chased her down as she tried to escape. With the bad guy still in pursuit she stopped, squared off, and shot him once in the chest. The bad guy ran away, only to be found later that evening by police who followed a well-marked blood trail.
  2. Michael “ImNotSure” sent us a story about a 74-year-old Kansas City warehouse owner who responded to a break-in where the bad guys were stealing copper (plumbing, we suspect). It’s not the first time, either. The Old guy has responded to five burglaries in recent months.

Misfire award

  • Joe in New York and Carl Cordova sent in a story from California where a 31-year-old meth addict broke into a house, tied up the 90-year-old homeowner, and was able to get loose and asked to “use the bathroom”. Shots were fired, and the bad guy’s Dad is suing the guy he took hostage for damages: the loss of his son’s home, the failure of his son’s marriage, damages, etc. The old guy plans to counter-sue.


  • This week we interview Mark Housekeeper from about his new line of horizontal magazine pouches.

Calls to action

  1. Join the NRA. Join now. This is when everything starts hitting the fan.
  2. Take someone shooting!
  3. If you don’t get out and vote, we will find you — and politely give you a voter registration form.
  4. Listen to the other shows on the GRRN, and the other pro-gun podcasting networks.

Quotes from this episode

  • “Stan is lost in the woods somewhere… I think he fell asleep.” – Carl
  • “I’m just off the drugs… I can’t see very well.” – Carl
  • “That’s my real name.” – Mark
  • “I’m taller than you, freak.” – Carl
  • “I love America. I love the Marines. I love our listeners.” – Carl
  • “Oh, we’re back to that now?” – Jason
  • “I don’t want to be like someone else and name drop, but…” – Carl
  • “Do you need some ointment?” – Jason
  • “That’s true! Creepy Janet!” – Carl
  • “I didn’t even see him sneak in!” – Mark
  • “I love that AR-10… Stan won’t shut-up about it!” – Carl
  • “Slip Stream: it’s our favorite lubricant … it’s slickery.” – Carl
  • “Really? I have to come next week?”

Stuff we mentioned

  1. What?! No movie or music references this week?!

Written by Joe Levi