GunDudes Episode 218

This week it’s only Stan and Carl (Tommy hates our listeners). We have a great interview with Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin about the GSSF.

What we did with guns this week

  1. Stan helped a college student sight-in his deer rifle — that counts as taking someone shooting
  2. Carl signed up for the GSSF — twice. He claims it was a mix-up, but we know he did it on purpose.


  1. Ft. Knox Safes: You can’t get a better-made safe — it’s a veritable vault!
  2. Concealment Solutions: Carl likes his Black Mamba, Stan likes his Sidewinder, and Joe the Web Guy has one of each!
  3. Crusader Weaponry: with baked-in custom goodness — and love!
  4. Lone Wolf Dist.: If you’re a Glock guy, you need to know about Lone Wolf!

Guns in the News

  1. 72-year-old California man shoots and kills intruder as he was coming in a window. We don’t like that he shot “at a window”, rather than identifying his target before placing his finger on the trigger.


  1.  We talk with Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin about GSSF.

Misfire Award

  1. No misfire award this week — we’re trying to keep the episode short. Yeah, that’s a good excuse. We’ll go with that.


  1. We got a bunch of email this week… but we’re trying to keep this episode short, so we’re not going to read any this week. Because Tommy hates the listeners.

Action Items

  1. Join the NRA
  2. Register to vote
  3. Make sure you vote
  4. Listen to the other shows on the GRRN (and donate!)
  5. Check out the pictures from MAG40. Carl can’t figure out how to use email so the “Canadian open-carry” pictures/videos are still “pending”.
  6. Take someone shootin’ or huntin’ — or both.

Stuff we mentioned

  1. “To blave…” The Princess Bride
  2. When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge
  3. West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys

Written by Joe Levi