GunDudes Episode 202

What we did with guns this (and last) week:

  1. Carl had an anniversary
  2. Tom went to a night shoot
  3. Tom and Carl shot some re-loads — without any malfunctions
  4. Tom bought a rifle loading die so he could load some .223… the part was $10, the shipping was $27
  5. GunDudes at the Tactical Carbine CourseGunDudes went to the tactical carbine course taught by Crusader Weaponry‘s “Mad Ogre”, George Hill.
  6. Sponsors: Ft. Knox gun safes, Lone Wolf Distributors


  1. A Florida man who police say wanted to rob a gold store was shot by the store owner. Yes, folks, this guy found a way to turn gold into lead.
  2. A Texas homeowner shoots at a man who had broken into his detached garage.

Misfire Award:

  • Mark Burns sent in a story a Pennsylvania woman tried to hide fireworks from Pittsburgh police. She was shooting off Roman Candles when she saw a police car approach, so she covered the firework with her hand to try and “hide” it from the officers. She was cited, and was burned in the process.



Movies we mentioned:

  1. Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail
  2. UP

Calls to action:

Written by Joe Levi