The Gun Rights Radio Network is shutting down

Some of you have heard that the Gun Rights Radio Network is shutting down at the end of the month and are wondering how it will impact you and our weekly show. These are valid concerns.

GunDudes Radio is still going to be on the air! No worries! Nothing should change as far as receiving your weekly episodes of the GunDudes’ podcast.

We would like to thank Mark Vanderberg for establishing and running the GRRN, and for all his hard work and sacrifice that you’ve put into it over the years. The reasons that Mark has provided for shutting down are all fair and legitimate. We wish him well in his endeavors.

The new Gun Rights Network

Our web guy, Joe Levi, having worked with Mark and members of the GRRN over the years (including us, Daniel Shaw, and more) is stepping up.

Yesterday he created the Gun Rights Network, which will be linking to all the shows that were on the GRRN, providing them a centralized place where people in the community can go to find them.

Additionally, Joe plans on expanding the offering from just audio podcasts to video shows, YouTube channels, and more.

Calls to action

Let’s all thank Mark for the community that he created, and for all of his hard work — but let’s not let that momentum die!

Get involved and contact your favorite pro-gun, pro-liberty podcasts. Have them check out the Gun Rights Network to make sure their show gets included!

Tell your friends and share the site on your social media networks using hashtag #GunRightsNetwork.

Written by Joe Levi