Unless you voted early or voted by by mail, if you’re reading this on November 6th, 2012, GO AND VOTE.

If Obama gets in again we’re going to blame you for not voting him out of office.

Vote before you go to work. If you can’t, vote at lunch, if you can’t make darn sure you vote on your way home from work!!

It’s down to the wire. Your self-defense Rights are literally on the line. Literally. Carl even thinks so!

Go and vote! Please.

Written by Joe Levi

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Corey " The Spike"

We are all a bit upset about not seeing him gone, but we need everyone ready to stand and fight when our rights are at threat. Write, call, or make a visit to representatives when the call goes out so we can switch the shoes when needed….. oh, and have plenty of Otterpops around ( I am partial to Little Orphan Orange ) to do some dribbl’in on the face!

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