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Into the sunset

By now you’ve probably heard that the GunDudes recorded what may very well be their last episode.   So, to address the rumors and conjecture, it’s true. After over 340 episodes (the Dudes’ lost count on more than one occasion) and about seven years, the GunDudes are “retiring” from the podcasting scene.┬áThere will probably be… Read more »

GunDudes, now officially on Stitcher

Some of you may have been listening to GunDudes Radio on Stitcher, and noticed that we suddenly were no longer there. What’s goin’ on, Carl?! We were never “officially” on Stitcher, but someone had put our show up there, and now apparently has removed it. No problem, we’ve got Joe the Web Guy, and he’s… Read more »

The Gun Rights Radio Network is shutting down

Some of you have heard that the Gun Rights Radio Network is shutting down at the end of the month and are wondering how it will impact you and our weekly show. These are valid concerns. GunDudes Radio is still going to be on the air! No worries! Nothing should change as far as receiving… Read more »

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Sunday was Mother’s Day!

Just a quick reminder from the Dudes, Sunday was Mother’s Day. Did you forget to call or visit your mom? And for all you married guys, we hope you didn’t forget that your wife may be a mom, too! You can thank us later!

Hey lookie! GunDudes got a new website!

Remember what Stan and Carl were talking about in episode 197? This is it! Welcome to the new website of the GunDudes Radio Podcast! If you’re not excited yet, you should be! Well, okay, you don’t have to be excited, but it would make us feel better if you were. Take a look around, and┬álet… Read more »