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GunDudes Episode 4

Guns in the News: Gun sales on the rise Gun crime on the decline Topics: We talk about cataloging your guns in the case of emergencies. Also we talk a little about re-loading.

GunDudes Episode 3

Guns in the news: Doctors want more regulations on guns because they are the “number 1 killer in the US” of kids. It turns out doctor’s mistakes are the #1 cause of death in youth. Topics: Our topics are guns and scouting, with former BSA scout district executive, Kelly. Also, finding out if you are… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 2

Guns in the News: Mayor Miller wants to shut down all shooting ranges because sport shooting “contributes to crime”. Concealed carry being considered in National Parks. Topics: Sighting in a rifle Tom apologizes to those whom he has offended

GunDudes Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

Who are the GunDudes? The GunDudes are Carl, Tommy, and Stan. Three normal guys who like guns, and want to share their hobby with you. The pilot episode was done before we knew how to edit, so we did the whole thing in one take. Sponsors Ft. Knox Safes: If you want the best gun… Read more »

Donate to the GunDudes

Hey guys, if you want to donate to the GunDudes to help cover the costs of the show, here’s how you can do that. No obligations, of course… but if you don’t and we end up quitting like Shhhhhelton, we’re going to blame it on you.