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GunDudes Episode 22

Topics: We recap things we did over the week in the hobby. Also, some good news like a St. Louis city leader telling people to get armed,2933,460725,00.html Another great self-defense in the news. In the second half we discuss Inherited guns and a small bit that’s a continuation from episode 20 about fun gear…. Read more »

GunDudes Episode 21

Topics: The mad-trio is back again with a new intro (we can’t use copyrighted music any more). We start by talking about what we have done with our hobby over the week Next we go into the self-defense news. Our second half was pretty much dominated by talk of controlling ones emotions whether it is… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 20

Topics: Carl and Tom had to do this one alone this time. We started with some information about countries that went through gun confiscations and the results from those. News like always. Almost two misfire awards. Our later topics dealt with unnecessary gear that’s still fun to have. We talked about practicing off-hand shooting at… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 19

Topics: This episode is a shorter one because we had to record it before Tom’s wife went into labor (we just made it). Normal self-defense in the news plus some carjackers that cant drive a stick. Later we talk about 5.56 in a .223 (continued from last week). We discuss some affordable shotguns.

GunDudes Episode 18

Topics: We are messing around with recording equipment, so this episode sounds like our earlier versions. Retro! More self-defense in the news. Another misfire award from England. Next we answer a reloading question and discuss “less expensive” handguns. Last we announce the two winners of the e-mail/podcast contest.

GunDudes Episode 17

Topics: We had a bit of fun here during the first part of the show. Its basically a group of grown men acting like boys. More news and misfire award. Later we correct a mistake against a fellow gundude. Also we talk about good Samaritans and gun sales.

GunDudes Episode 16

Topics: Another home defense in Texas. A knife ban is suggested in Massachusetts (people don’t kill people, apparently knives do). Obama‘s “transition team” already making plans and gun sales spike because of possible Obama win. The second half we talk about gun safety in scouting. Preparing for a possible confrontation by exercising and clothing selection…. Read more »

GunDudes Episode 15

Topics: We tried some different sound equipment this time around. The news and misfire award were like normal. We also spoke of some FBI statistics. In the second half we talked about Obama‘s track record with trying to get us to be like England/Australia with allowing prosecution for self-defense. We also answered e-mail questions about… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 14

Topics: Along with the self-defense news we have a new misfire intro. In this episode it was only Carl and Tom but we interviewed a guest from England and we talk about his point of view about their laws and ours. Afterward we spend a little tome talking about the interview and our thoughts.