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GunDudes Episode 40

Topics: We almost didn’t make this episode but we were able to get Travis to help us with the recording.

GunDudes Episode 39

Topics: We talk about our recent training by some former Thunder Ranch instructors while trying to come down from our adrenaline high. Later in the show Carl also talk’s about fast-draw shooting while Tom and Stan mock and scorn.

GunDudes Episode 38

Topics: We finally broke down and purchased new sound equipment so we devoted most of our week to getting it to work. The show is a little short with only one topic but we are excited to start making “higher quality” shows (we hope).

GunDudes Episode 37

Topics: Kelly is back for this episode. We decided to talk about his least favorite subject, Airsoft guns.

GunDudes Episode 36

Topics: Four of us do the show today. Travis helps us out as a new shooter, but we are only using half the mic’s. We discuss a local murderer who claims he would not have killed his wife if he did not have a gun close by. Also, Tony Brown from FireArm’s Cafe announces our… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 35

Topics: The first half takes up the majority of this episode with the second half only being about twenty minutes. We talk about a CCW holder’s weapon “accidentally” going off.

GunDudes Episode 34

Topics: We made a new GRRN voice over person, not as raspy as before. We eliminated the “what we did with guns over the week” segment and we only covered one topic, AR10 uppers. After we spend the remaining time answering e-mail.

GunDudes Episode 33

Topics: We had some technical problems for the first 15 minutes but they were cleared up and the usual was dished out. The second half we explained ourselves and our methods. Also we skimmed over a few important topics in our same “tangent” ways.

GunDudes Episode 32

Topics: We were in a mood this episode. Lots of good news and we have two¬†misfire awards again. The second half we continue Stan’s reloading talk from the week before. Then, Carl talks about spicing up shooting practice with a little competition. We end with a new handgun safe contest.