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GunDudes Episode 31

Topics: Doug from Fort Knox helps us with this episode. So after the news and the misfire award (which features a caped villain) we talked about safes and security.

GunDudes Episode 30

Topics: Neldon from the Friends of the NRA fills in for Stan this episode. Naturally we talk about the NRA. Also, we quickly mention an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson.

GunDudes Episode 29

Topics: This episode, in addition to the news and misfire award, we each, briefly, bring up one quick topic to share. Then after the show, we give you the Tony Brown phone call clip.

GunDudes Episode 28

Topics: Tom forgot to turn his mic on for most of this episode, but his voice carried enough for us to keep it. We were not very serious this episode but we did talk about .22 rifles and conversions for them.

GunDudes Episode 27

Topics: Neldon Groo, the chairman of the Central Utah Friends of the NRA, joins us as a co-host in this episode. Along with the news and two misfire awards, Neldon talks about what the Friends of the NRA does here local and national. After, we talk a little about .22 conversions for larger pistols.

GunDudes Episode 26

Topics: It took us about 10 minutes into the show before we started. News and misfire award were the usual. The second half we continued our talk about home safety and our ideas. Also Stan brought up a great Massad Ayoob book from the past.

GunDudes Episode 25

Topics: We are trying to make these shorter but that is getting hard because there is so much we want to say. Kelly filled in for Stan again today. The news was the normal self-defense but the misfire award picked us right up. Later we talked about the Brady Bunch’s attempts to attack the recent… Read more »

GunDudes Episode 24

Topics: We had some technical problems on this episode so Tom and Carl had to go back and re-record part one a day after we did part two. However, Stan does return in part two, where we talk about gift ideas and the ammo ban e-mails everyone has been receiving.

GunDudes Episode 23

Topics: Longer episode this week. We are losing our minds the closer we get to Christmas. News and almost two misfire awards this time. The second half we discuss shipping a firearm and parts kits for AKs and ARs. Also we talk about our most controversial topic yet: guns and video games.