Posts By: Joe Levi

GunDudes Episode 49

Topics: We got a little silly with the “Red Tom” from last week but we put that at the front and end of the episode. This week Tom returns and we talk about handling anti-gun confrontation.

GunDudes Episode 48

Topics: We are back after our computer crash. We suspect Tactical Tom may have turned into “Red Tom” the Communist sympathizer. For our topics this week we talk about IDPA shooting, and shooting Tannerite for targets.

GunDudes Episode 47

Topics: This episode we finish answering the second part of a question from last week about pocket carry guns and holsters… and what we prefer to carry.

GunDudes Episode 46

Topics: All three back again, and on top of the normal self-defense news and misfire award. We were sent a question about our thoughts on semi autos vs. revolvers. Because of time, we had to cut our second topic but we will use it next episode.

GunDudes Episode 45

Topics: The untouchable trio are back with a little help from Tom’s brother Milo and also from Travis. In this episode we talk about how to treat a new gun owner (as well as how not to treat them). Also we talk about striker fired pistols (when we get around to it).

GunDudes Episode 44

Topics: Eric Shelton from the Handgun Podcast helps us out for this show at the NRA convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Along with the normal news and misfire award, we give our impressions of the show.

GunDudes Episode 43

Topics: Two lovely ladies fill in for Stan and talk about their guns… … as well as emergency preparedness tips for extended periods of time, two weeks, one month, etc.

GunDudes Episode 42

Topics: This is our longest episode yet! Heavy with banter, we go through self-defense in the news and the misfire award. In the second half we talk about Stan’s camouflage job on his rifle. Then talk about some of our favorite gun movies.

GunDudes Episode 41

Topics: Neldon joins us again to talk about the upcoming local Friends of the NRA banquet. Also we talk about a story with 2 different points of view, as well as our usual mindless banter.