ALERT: The war is here – attack on civilians in Nevada

Team, This morning we wake up to a tragedy that hit too close to home. Reportedly, the shooter was identified by police as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock. He had a history of psychological problems, and was killed by law enforcement. According to Reuters (Cairo), the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the attack that killed at… Read more »

SX3 Episode 32: CZs and Squirrels

This episode was supposed to be about CZ’s, but we got off topic throughout the whole episode. Too many squirrels.

SX3 Episode 31: Everyday Carry

Today we’re doing another prepper episode so we decided to talk about our everyday carry – EDC.

SX3 Episode 30: Fun Gun Talk

Fun gun talk with Graham, Gene, Steph, and a very special guest… listen to find out!

SX3 Episode 29: Get Home Bags

This week we continue our prepper series by talking about Get Home Bags.

SX3 Episode 28: Just the Girls

Sorry boys (or maybe we should say, you’re welcome!), this is an all girls episode. Men, encourage the women in your life to join a local all women’s shooting club in their area. Listen as to why.

SX3 Episode 27: Bring on the A Team

This week Team A (Stan, Carl, Graham, and Mark Houskeeper), get together to talk about what they’ve been doing with guns.

SX3 Episode 26: A Day at the Range

Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about a day on the range, starting with range bag dump out.

SX3 Episode 25: Lessons from Women’s Hunting Camp

This week Connie Brooks of Barnes Bullets fame returns to talk about some of the things she learned at women’s hunting camp, most notably, confidence.

SX3 Episode24: Custom AR-15s

This week Graham, Steph, and Karen talk about how they got into building custom AR-15’s as well as their own personal AR’s.